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Facebook 3D photos available now

Facebook uses a technology that measures the distance between the foreground and the background. In this way the 3D photos are shown. The photos bring the image to life through the depth that can be seen in it. The photo […]

Russian Amazon is led by mother of four children

In the absence of Amazon, Russian online retail has a landscape that differs to a large extent from the markets in most other countries. The Russian market is dominated by five companies, mostly supported by a local bank or a […]

Google resolves eleven serious vulnerabilities in Android

During the September Patch Cycle, Google remedied 50 vulnerabilities in Android, including eleven that have been identified as serious. Through serious leaks, an attacker can execute arbitrary code through a modified file within the context of a privileged process. The […]

5 reasons why Android is better than iOS

Some people are avid fans of the Android operating system, while others swear by their iPhone with iOS. However, both systems have their advantages and disadvantages and what you are about depends on what matters most to you. These are […]

Film companies attack film site IMDb by bug

Film companies ask Google massively to remove links to film website IMDb from the search results. This attack on the site is caused by a software bug. The film companies have been using software for a long time to automatically […]

Kalashnikov produces electric cars in competition with Tesla

The Russian Kalashnikov Concern, known from the AK-47 assault rifles, has developed an electric car. This must enter into direct competition with Tesla. The Russian Kalshnikov Concern, known for the AK-47 assault rifles, is taking on a new challenge. Indeed, […]

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